Don’t Wait Until You Move

Don’t wait until it’s time to move to look at your stuff and weed it out. Trust me on this. I knew I had too much stuff but had no idea how much stuff I actually had until it was time to move. This always happens, but I’m moving out of a big house instead of a small apartment, and there is just so.much.stuff! We’ve taken several car loads of boxes to Hangers for Hope, and given boxes and piles of things to the Veterans. And at least 20 bags of trash. Movers come today to pack up what’s left and I move tomorrow.

Look in the bathroom. How many half-used bottles of shampoo or lotions do you have? Get rid of what you don’t actually use now. How many towels are there? Maybe you changed color schemes and kept the old towels. Time to bag them up and take to an animal shelter. They LOVE old towels. Old makeup? Dump it.

Look in the closet. This one you already know. We all have too many clothes. Body sizes change, life activities change. Do you like it? Do you wear it? Take things you no longer want to a consignment shop or thrift store and relish the space in the closet. You don’t need or use all those shoes and purses either.

Look in the kitchen. Are there pots, pans, speciality gadgets that you no longer use? Why are you keeping them? How many plastic storage containers do you have squirreled away deep in the cabinets? Recycle at least half – you’ll never miss them.

Look at cleaning supplies. Honestly, how many different things do you actually USE? It’s time to throw out products that don’t work quite as well as you’d like. And if you have a housekeeper, you only need to keep what she uses, not an assortment of specialty products that no one ever uses. Tho you do need sponges, but perhaps not as many as I apparently collected.

Look in the garage. Are you really using all of those tools that you used to use? If you pay someone to maintain your yard, you don’t need them all. Weed out.

We all do this weeding when we move, but don’t wait that long!