Therapy Notes – Tuesday, 8/24/2021

Today was originally supposed to be spine surgery day. Instead, I finished my first week here at the Olympic Center Rehab. Back is healing and it’s hard to remember not to bend or twist; lifting isn’t actually an issue which is good because were I home, I’d probably be tempted to haul around cat litter boxes.

This morning another PT milestone: I walked 10 feet with the parallel bars, and another 15 feet using the walker. It was like running a marathon but I did it, and feel pretty proud of myself. We also worked more on transfers, which I’m not all that good at. I understand how to use the sliding board and it makes sense – but when I’m transferring to the potty chair by my bed, how do I pull down my pants? So there are extra levels to figure out beyond just how to transfer. We also worked on a big klunky machine to let my feet pedal over and over for endurance.

OT also involved endurance today, with 15 min on the arm bike which I really don’t like because it’s boring. And yes, it’s getting harder because we’re increasing levels. But I need to do it and the machine I’m using is in a spot with a much nicer view of the outside world. More arm weights and pullies and other fun things.

The big news today is that the doctors have decided on my discharge date: Tuesday, September 7th at noon. So I have two more weeks here to wring out every bit of training, tools, and strategies to help me move forward. I’m grateful to have the chance for 3 weeks here instead of the usual 2. Too soon to know whether I’ll be able to go home (unlikely to me now) or another step down rehab place for more work and, more importantly, more time for healing.