Therapy Notes – Saturday, 8/28/21

I have the weekend off from therapy. We get 3 hours a day, 5 days a week. Last week I arrived on a Tuesday so had therapy on Saturday because I hadn’t had all my hours for the week. This week, though, it was empty of things I had to do except get up, get dressed, and spend time in the chair. My therapists left me exercises to do for arms, hips, knees, and feet, but mostly right now I’m just cold.

The food here is pretty good and definitely better than the hospital, but my appetite has decreased and I’m no longer snacking (because there are no snacks) or drinking as much as usual (because when you drink, you have to pee, and that becomes a bit of a project). We usually get two choices for lunch and dinner; breakfast has evolved for me into fresh fruit and yogurt with wheat toast and cranberry juice, which is close to what I ate at home. I’m working to remember my Noom lessons and staying away from excess bread and carbs. No one needs potatoes and rice at the same meal.

My lunch companion and I had a lively conversation today about being church secretaries, how we managed newsletters and bulletins, Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes and other Christmas plans, and dynamics of relationships. And we also talked about what was the point of our being in our current circumstances, concluding that God has a way for us to use what we’re going through so we can be resources or lead by example. I already had a conversation with another friend who told me she is working to be sure she is stronger, more flexible, and in better shape than she was before because of me and things I need to be building on here. If my experience helps just one person, then maybe that’s what it’s about.

Many of you have called or texted or sent Facebook messages, and I know I’m behind in responding to you. Please know that I appreciate each of you even if I’m slow to get to you. We’re busy in the mornings with therapy and in the afternoon, I’m resting as much as I can. Therapy tires me out, and healing takes a lot of energy.

For those who asked, the address in therapy is: Olympic Rehab Center, 701 Olympic Plaza, Tyler, TX 75701

I don’t have any specific needs or wants; I’m just getting through each day. There WILL be things I need and ways you can help but I don’t know what they are yet. I promise that I will ask for help in very concrete ways when I know what those needs are.