Therapy Notes – Tuesday, 8/31/21

Posterior Afo Leaf Splint - Medium Right
AFO Splint

A couple of big things today. First: I did not get an extra week of therapy so I will be discharged one week from today. I’m grateful to have gotten one extra week here and will work hard to get as much out of the next week as possible. Two: I walked 58 feet, followed by three “get up and go” walks of 9 feet each. Three: I used the regular commode for the first time and transfered to it using the walker. You have NO IDEA how big a thing this is for me. It was scary to do but actually went smoothly and I was able to stand up with not a lot of help.

OT time included an assortment of random things – arm weights, arm bike, but also hitting the AFO splints with a heat gun (the OT did this, not me) to spread out the tops so they fit me better. They’re made of rigid plastic that molds to the heel, comes up the leg, and wraps around the calf with velcro. They are NOT my favorite things to wear but will be part of my life for the foreseeable future. I have to wear them because of foot drop; they keep my foot from dragging and tripping me. I’ve realized that this has been a problem for a lot longer than I realized, so it’s unlikely to be reversable. They make different kinds that aren’t so high, but this is what my therapists think I need so that’s what I’ll use.

Susan also spent a little time massaging my feet and legs, which are retaining water because they’re down all the time in the wheelchair, which is partly why I like getting back into bed. She exchanged my foot rests for ones that are elevated, so now I take up more room than I did before when I roll around in the chair.

Now I’m back in bed with my feet elevated, paying bills and other practical things. After writing this, of course 🙂

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