Therapy Notes – Friday, 9/3/21

Counting down the days until I move out of here to my next stage. Today was my next-to-last therapy day and I tried to make the most of it. PT started, as usual, with walking. I did 60 feet (woohoo!), took a break and went another 50 feet using an unweighted walker. Before today, Veronice wrapped a weight around the walker bars to keep it more secure. Today we used it plain. I prefer the wider size walker than the one I had this morning, but it still worked. The foot still feels weirdo and clumsy, so I have to pay extra attention to position. But I’m feeling much more steady, and graduated to an assist of one person who sometimes just held on to my gait belt and didn’t actually help me do much. Progress! At the end of PT, I walked another 30 feet from the mat to the NuStep and did my 15 minutes.

OT started with the hallway arm bike, which has a much nicer view than the one in the rehab room. Doesn’t make doing the exercise any more interesting but at least there’s something better to look at. Then we did arm weights, followed by standing up to a raised table, about kitchen counter height, and doing stuff. First was standing and moving each arm, then using arm weights, and finally, moving a ball with both hands, with resting in between and then more standing. I did lots of standing 🙂

One of my rehab friends went home today. I’m so happy for her and know that she made huge strides after the stroke and fall that put her here in the first place. She was one of my cheerleaders, and I was hers. Three of my other friends are leaving before Sunday, so it feels like it’s time to go myself. Wondering about how things will be at Meadow Lake but I’ll find out soon enough.

I closed on the Emerald Bay house today. It’s the end of an era in the Bay for our family – and for them, too. In the best Bay tradition, the house will be known as the “Myers House” for the forseeable future.