Therapy Notes – Saturday, 9/4/21

Quiet day here in rehab. We have a revolving cast of nurses and aides, sometimes seeing one for several days in a row and other times never seeing them again for a week or more. Saturdays and Sundays have smaller staff; therapists are here on Saturday but not Sunday, so getting dressed or having someone answer a call button takes longer. So we plan accordingly.

Last night’s nurse and this morning’s aide haven’t seen me since my first week here. They were amazed at how much more I could do now than that first week, especially not needing to use the wooden sliding board or bedside commode. I can usually stand up pretty smoothly on the first try, though the commode is low and there isn’t a second side to hold on to, which makes it harder. But I’ve been doing it for 3 days, and that was a goal before discharge.

I’m hoping/expecting that I will be back in my apartment by Thanksgiving if not before. I don’t know how fast my progress will go when I don’t have my wonderful therapists, but they’ve given me tools and helped me develop skills that I will be taking with me when I leave. I fully expect that I will be using a walker at home, and maybe a wheelchair for “community activities” as Veronica puts it. I don’t love the chair, but I know how to manage with it and it certainly would ensure that I have a place to sit instead of teetering on the walker when I get tired.

I’ve been thinking ahead to the holidays, which I know are months away, but still. Thanksgiving is usually at my brother’s ranch with the boys and the grandkids and grand-dogs making a happy gathering. But I know I won’t be able to go this year. Not only am I not sure how I’d get there, but there’s no easy way into the house for someone on a walker or chair. Makes me sad, but at the same time, I’ve spent lots of holidays apart from my family so it’s not a completely new idea. Tom & Cece probably will be going to Colorado for Christmas to see their daughters and their families; they’ve done that the last few years and it works nicely. So I’ll have to figure out how and when to invite them to visit me at Meadow Lake to celebrate together, in between the two holidays.