Therapy Notes – Sunday, 9/5/21

Only a few things today. Another day without therapy, so most people here are quiet in their rooms. I can tell that I’m the healing side of things because a day in bed sounds incredibly boring. I’ve done some leg and arm exercises in the chair, and got my toe smashed inside one of the shoes trying to get the AFO splints in the shoes again. I sit now with one on and one off, but I’m determined to stay up until it’s supper time and I can go to the common room and visit with people. There’s plenty of time to be in bed.

I think I understand why I have a roommate here. Her granddaughter is visiting, and while roomie was off on a potty trip, granddaughter told me how much the family has noticed that grandma has improved by leaps and bounds with social interactions and mood. She’s been depressed and isolated when she really needs more opportunities to talk with people. Roomie and I have talked lots about a wide range of subjects, and I’ve been filling her in on how things work here, and reminding her that we need to ask for help for someone to know we need it. I’m getting much better at it, but she is still having a hard time. I would have preferred a private room but now I understand the purpose of sharing the one I have.

Tuesday is getting closer. I’ve sorted out some of the stuff sitting around in piles, and am planning to do laundry tomorrow (or have someone else do it for me) and have a shower on Tuesday morning before I leave here. I will be clean and so will my clothes, which will buy me time to figure out how things work at Meadow Lake.

Oh, and I’ve been shopping for wheelchair and walker accessories at Amazon. I found these super cute pre-cut tennis balls to put on the back legs of a walker, not in neon yellow but in an animal print. In a place with a zillion walkers, it would be so nice to easily be able to find mine. Are they not adorable?