Therapy Notes – Monday, 9/6/21

Today was my last full day of therapy here, and I made it count. Started the morning by walking to the bathroom from my bed using the walker, about 25 feet. This is a life-skill and a goal I wanted to reach before I leave. I did it again in the afternoon, walking to AND from the bathroom with the walker. I felt kind of normal. Getting up off the commode is still difficult with a grab bar only on one side, but I had help.

I also had help getting another shower and shampoo. I wanted to leave here clean and with clean clothes, and it was soooo relaxing to wash. I don’t know the schedule for showers at Meadow Lake so it was important to do this today. Tomorrow will be busy with packing, an hour of PT, and checking with various doctors and the case manager.

In PT I broke my own record and walked 75 feet with the walker, without a trailing wheelchair, followed by another 25 feet after a short break. My goal for tomorrow is to walk 100 feet or all the way around the central core area in the rehab space. We used the rest of the time to do standing leg exercises, which naturally involved a lot of standing up as well as the actual exercises. I’m definitely smoother doing it. We ended with 15 minutes on the Cybex Kinetron, which I absolutely despise. Miss V said that things I hate are exactly the ones I need to do. Grrrrrrr.

Veronica reminded me that I need to set very small, specific goals of tasks I need to be able to accomplish on my own before I can go home, things like getting in and out of bed by myself, and putting my shoes on, none of which I can do now. By the time I go home, I won’t be under the back precautions from the surgery, so I’ll be able to bend as well as twist and lift (within limits), and those will help me do some of those things on my own.

Most of our OT time was spent doing the shower, but I went back after lunch and we did more standing, this time at the raised wooden table where we worked a jigsaw puzzle. I stood up for 7 min 45 sec, yes, leaning against the table, but still, standing up.

My back has a not happy spot that looks to me as though it’s abscessed, but the doctor doesn’t think so. But it needs to have a dressing and that process is changing. The wound nurse didn’t come back to finish that, so right now it’s open and feels quite uncomfortable without some padding. I’m hoping she finds me before she goes off duty.

One thought on “Therapy Notes – Monday, 9/6/21

  1. Ginny King

    Do you have a frame with arms that fits over your commode? Seems like it would help with the transfers from the commode and it is something that can be easily moved Really enjoyed talking for a few minutes yesterday Hope all your transitions to your new spot goes well tomorrow. Keep up the good work.

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