Friday at Meadow Lake

Today was the first mostly normal day here for me. Meals are at weird times – breakfast was at 8am instead of the usual 7:30, lunch was at 11:30am because it was there instead of the usual 12:00, and dinner was at 4:45pm. I’m never hungry because I’m not doing enough to work off the food, which is okay but some of it is weird. Lunch included riced cauliflower and okra, neither of which I will touch. The pistachio fluff was … interesting. Beginning Sunday I’ll be able to have food that I’ve selected from the limited options, and I’ve requested fruit (probably banana) at each breakfast. We’ll see how that works out.

PT started this morning by walking from my room to therapy, which is about 175 feet, taking a small wheelchair break on the way. I did standing leg exercises with the parallel bars, and they are HARD for these weak legs to do. Which is of course why I’m doing them. Followed by more exercises in the chair using a towel on the floor to help the shoes slide back and under, off to the side, out front, etc. We ended up with more “sit to stand” practice from the chair to the bars. My PT came back later to take me for another walk but we only managed about 100 feet. Ha. “Only 100 feet” when on Tuesday, I was celebrating doing it for the first time. I’m making progress.

Late in the afternoon, the OT came to get me. The therapy room was much emptier which made it easier to concentrate. I did the arm bike for 15 minutes (still boring, especially without windows), exercises using a weighted bar raising, curling, lifting, etc. in a variety of positions that will probably make me hurt tomorrow, and then stood to bat a ball back and forth with another therapist. That one ended abruptly when I overreached and needed to sit down fast. Note to self – always know just how far away that chair is. We ended with 10 “sit to stand” exercises, this time from chair to the walker. Since getting up is one of my hardest things, doing it for both OT and PT was good use of the time.

But now I”m tired. My feet are puffy from being down all day but it seems too early to go to bed. On the other hand, no shoes would be great.