Quiet Sunday with OT

I lolled around this morning and had breakfast in bed (because I didn’t get up at 7:30), really loving the chance to just curl up under the covers for a few more minutes and elevate those feet that have blown up like water balloons. I’ve been spending too much time in the chair with my legs down, and my feet are showing what that looks like. It isn’t pretty.

I was surprised by two things today – first, a visit from two Emerald Bay friends who popped by, and then by an hour of OT which I hadn’t expected. All of the women from my Cypress “neighorhood” were there working on various upper body things. I spent 15 minutes on the arm bike and 12 minutes on the stationary bike, followed by a bunch of arm exercises using a weighted stick. Let me tell you, even a 2 lb stick gets heavy after you do three sets of 20 of something. Then I did 10 “sit to stand” exercises, and ended standing at the bars putting little plastic rings first right, then left, then putting them all back onto a stack – and doing it again, and yet again even farther out. Good practice and not too tiring.

The OT was nearby when I needed to get up to go pee, and she came to help. Instead of getting me out of bed, she handed me the leg lifter – and I got myself sitting on the edge of the bed for only the second time. She asked if I wanted to try walking to the bathroom with the walker, which I’ve been wanting to do but can only do with my shoes on when my legs are more stable. I knew I could do it, but I actually surprised her that I could handle it. And then I got back into bed by myself using the leg lifter. It’s easier to do when I’m seated and can see what I’m doing with the feet and legs. Still not easy, and still not sure how to manage getting covers on and off, but I have to be able to get in and out of bed by myself, so I was really happy to do both today. The OT told me that I’d impressed her today, which made me proud.

I know better than to get out of bed alone, but being able to get my legs off the bed and sit on the side is a huge step and one I plan to work on again tomorrow. And now I know I can ask to use the walker to go to the bathroom when I have my shoes on; when my feet are in the ugly green gripper socks, they’re like dead fish at the end of the leg so it’s not safe to try.