Just a day

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Nothing exciting to report today – no great progress with anything, but no great failures either. And I didn’t fall down, and believe me, any day that I don’t fall is a good day. The therapy schedule was out of whack because two of the therapists weren’t here in the morning, and that really threw me for a loop, to be honest. And doing both PT and OT in the afternoon just wore me out because the muscles hadn’t recovered enough between one before I did the other.

This has just been my first week and it’s been a “let’s test and check to see what she can do consistently” time. My walking is pretty much steady at 175 feet with one short stop – which is fine with me, because most of my walking is going to be inside my apartment, in short spurts. For longer stretches, I probably will be using the wheelchair, though obviously I want to get stronger and eventually not need that as much either. And of course all my walking is with a walker, not just me strolling along on my own down the hall. Ha. That’s a very long time away.

In PT I’m on the stationary bike for 15 minutes, just as everyone else is and in OT I use the same Omnicycle machine as an arm bike. It’s sometimes a challenge to get fit in because there is only one machine, which does both feet and the arm bike (not at the same time) and all of use it for both. I also do a lot of standing up from the chair to the bar and sitting down again, in both PT and OT. I’m much better at it as a result, which is the whole point. Every day in PT I do standing and sitting leg exercises; every day in OT I work on standing endurance and arm exercises, sometimes with a ball and sometimes not.

My PT said today that in a few weeks, we’ll go together to my apartment so she can see how it’s laid out, where the grab bars are, whether I need more, measure distances between spaces, etc. It will definitely help the therapists prepare me to return there, knowing what it’s like and how it works. Big plus is that I can see the kitties and give them lots of love if they come close enough and aren’t afraid of me 😦

I did have one “win” today, though. My PT agreed that I can go to the bathroom by myself as long as I’m in my shoes and in my chair. Because staffing is so limited for much of the time here, this will save me a lot of stress and I’m more likely to drink more if I know going to pee isn’t going to be such a production. I do know that if I’m in the hated green gripper socks, I need help. And if I need to poop, I also need help to get clean. (Sorry for TMI; this is for my own reference.) Getting up from/down to the bed still needs assistance. But still – I’m really happy to have this change.

I’m starting to wonder if I’ll be able to get a flu shot here. Something to ask about tomorrow. I’m very grateful I’ve had my Covid vaccines, given how rampant the virus is right now in my county. I’m also grateful daily that I had cataract surgery in June, letting me do away with glasses. One less thing to keep track of.