Looking for Gorilla Glue

Sunday Funday here in rehab. I successfully got my legs into bed myself last night AND got them off the bed this morning, though not, alas, at 3am when I had to pee. My aide this morning sat in the chair and cheered me on as I helped myself getting dressed as much as I could except for the shoes. I wear simple clothes and the hardest part to do are the socks, which sometimes go on crooked or not completely on, and of course the shoes.

Oh, the shoes. They are rather ugly but very comfortable wide soft diabetic shoes currently decorated with flesh colored stretchy tape to make them less slick on the floors, with white plastic AFO splints inside with their beautiful bands of velcro stretched around my calves to hold them up. You can’t see those because they’re behind my legs.

But the velcro is a problem. It’s attached on one side to the splint and then the inside part attaches and detaches every time we get dressed. Unfortunately, the “permanently attached velcro” on the left side isn’t so permanent and last night it had fallen down to my ankle. Oops. It left the splint sort of waving around on the back of the leg instead of being supportive. So it felt a bit off walking even going to the bathroom.

The splints came to me with one side of velcro permanently attached, but my OT at the first rehab took it off when she blasted them with the heat gun to spread them out wider, since my calves are on the large size. Putting the velcro back doesn’t seem to have worked well, plus we could never remember which side was for daily use and which was permanent. I know NOW, of course, but it took me about a month to figure it out, and to know that it matters. So today my rehab friend is bringing me back Gorilla Glue when she returns from her field trip home, and I’ll operate on the splint before going to bed. Hopefully this will fix things for tomorrow.

In spite of the velcro problem, I still got in two walks around the neighborhood. That might be all for the day, since I have a wary eye on the velcro. Walking is still hard enough that I need to be sure all of my devices are working as needed. We didn’t have therapy today, but I still got in some walking (about 75-80 feet each time) and some chair exercises.

And in the “always say something nice” department, I told the head dietician today that the blueberry muffins at breakfast were delicious and a nice change from toast [which is always cold, but I didn’t say that]. She asked me if there was anything I’d particularly like that wasn’t on the menu so far, and now I’m going to get yogurt and fruit in the mornings. Yayyy!