Surprise therapy visit

I got a surprise visit today from Cynthia who lives in Dallas but was visiting her sister here in Tyler – with her cat, who is actually Ellie and Emma’s mom cat! She’s tiny (8.5 lbs) and super soft with a very floofy tail just like her babies, all of whom are now twice her size (not just my two, all five of them are giant cats!). We told the front desk that we had a therapy cat visiting and just whisked her back to my room. It was the next best thing to having my sweet girls with me. I know they’re safer where they are, and that Emma would run under the bed and not come out again if she had anything to say about it, so best that they stay home where they have familiar smells and each other.

I’ve been starting to think about my car and what to do with it. I bought it last year when I was walking around normally, but think I’d find it hard to get into at this point, and I have absolutely no idea when I’ll be able to drive again. I had an accident in July when I bumped a parked car in a parking lot – and I know that my frozen foot was a factor. The car is being repaired so it’s as good as new but it’s not going to do me much good if I can’t drive it. I’ll have to arrange to get someone to start it and drive it around a bit at least once a week so the battery doesn’t die again (it already did once during this adventure of mine). But I could get a lot of transportation paid for from car insurance that wouldn’t be needed without a car. Meadow Lake has a transportation van that can take me to appointments or other errands as needed, which is not a small thing when I’m traveling in/with a wheelchair. I don’t have to make any decisions now, of course, but I’m also trying to be realistic as I got into the next weeks and months.

One of the other PT’s contacted my Olympic Center PT & OT to see how best to repair that splint with the velcro that doesn’t stay stuck, because she wanted to be sure whatever we do doesn’t damage the actual AFO device itself. It’s still not fixed but we have a plan now – which requires that the maintenance guy comes back from his errand to use his double sided tape on the AFO. I know what I’d do were it up to me, but it’s not, so I’m trying to go with the flow. Which so far today has not included any walking (because the velcro keeps falling down) and not much PT and no OT again. Not sure what’s happening there but I’m doing chair exercises and arm exercises using the Theraband.

But I’m getting another treat at 3pm with a pedicure! Yes, the ladies who run the beauty shop will do nails if you ask and I’m thrilled to get my nails trimmed down after so long.