Random Friday Thoughts

My care plan meeting is scheduled for Monday at 1:30pm. It’s billed as my “admission care plan conference” which is taking place at the end of my third week instead of within the first 14 days that is supposed to be the policy, if I understood the MDS Coordinator correctly. We’ll see. “We will discuss your plans for discharge and after, the current goals set towards preparing for discharge, and address any questions or concerns that you may have.” Sounds a lot like prepping for discharge, doesn’t it? I’m guessing they’ll give me until October 15th or earlier. Will let you know how that pans out.

Yesterday and today I walked 175 feet from my room to therapy without a rest break in the middle. I’m doing more exercises involving bending. My OT tells me that by the end of next week I’ll be standing on my own without holding on to anything. That terrifies me because it’s how I fell that last time. But I’ll try because normal people can stand up without holding on to a walker with a death grip.

My AFO velcro problem has been resolved thanks to Gorilla Glue. I’m going to work on the other AFO tonight, since I think it’s also a bit wonky and I have lots of Gorilla Glue. I have a feeling I’ll need it in the future.

Have I mentioned that our meals come to us in styrofoam containers? We sometimes get little covered bowls for things like fruit or salad or dessert. We get a print out every week of the menu options for the following week so we can make our choices (tilapia or sausage, etc.). I’ve written NO EGGS and NO OATMEAL for every morning, adding FRUIT & YOGURT. Most of the time I get the eggs and oatmeal, no matter what. And tonight I got the morning fruit with dinner. I don’t really understand how this all works but am glad I’m not in charge of figuring out all the different diets and textures, since so many patients can’t chew well or need diabetic or low-sodium diets. In any case, my food is a far cry from what I eat when I get to really choose – not enough protein and pitifully low in fiber. I have a small supply of protein bars along with mini bottles of Diet Coke. They keep pushing juice and sweet tea but I get as much water as I can.

I’m going to need an adjustable bed when I get home. I need to have the head raised up a LOT to manage getting the legs on and off the bed, because I can’t really see or reach them if I’m flat. And with my feet down in the chair for so much of the day, they’ve turned into little water balloons and need to be elevated. Just not sure how I can manage with my existing bed. But I’ve never bought a bed without testing it out first, so this is new territory. On the other hand, I got a check from Emerald Bay for half of the initiation fee because I sold my house to new people, and I can use that money to splurge on something that I really need but isn’t in the budget.

It’s Friday and I’m tired. Thanks for reading.