Care Plan Meeting

My meeting was scheduled for 1:30pm today in the front conference room. People who I was expecting were the head of therapy, dietician, director and assistant director of nursing, and the MDS coordinator, plus me. Who actually showed up? Me, therapy lady, and MDS person. The dietician was off today and we never heard from the nurses, which was disrespectful at best.

The meeting wasn’t actually as helpful as I thought it would be, primarily because tomorrow is my home evaluation visit; Therapy will know more about what I need to be able to do to be safe there than we know now. But I asked a boatload of questions anyway. No target discharge date was given; that may be available after tomorrow’s home visit.

Devices and tools including grab bars, wheelchair, walker, shower chair and other things but not the AFO shoe device I need will be ordered by therapy for me and delivered here, then moving down with me when I’m discharged. I want to be able to just use a walker in the apartment but have a problem getting from my bed to the bathroom without wearing my shoes. Either I adjust to transferring to a wheelchair and using that, or I have to put on my shoes at, oh, 11pm when I have to pee.

Therapy is going to let me look at bed rails to see if they would work without my needing an adjustable bed. The patient next door to me has some in his room, or at least I think they’re the same thing, and if so I think they’ll work. But I’m hoping they’ll let me try them out at least overnight so they can order them for me if needed. Way cheaper than renting a bed if it can help me sit up easily. I won’t know until I try – and I’d rather not have to rent a bed (and get sheets for it) if I have other options.

If something goes wrong after I get home – if I realize I’m not really ready to manage being there – I will have an option to go back here for additional rehab. Of course, I’d rather not. Once I’m home, I want to be able to stay there. I could hire home health or visiting angels, and will have to hire someone anyway to help me with showers, laundry, and things I haven’t thought of yet.

I did have some comments for the missing medicine people but they’ve already been relayed by the MDS Coordinator. Namely, I’m getting inconsistent doses of Trazodone; that needs to be checked and corrected. The timing of my Lasix second dose is way too late in the day to be practical, and they really REALLY need to stop giving me Miralax except when I ask for it.

I’m sick of this place. I’m ready emotionally and mentally to move home. I’ve been gone seven weeks today and that’s the longest I’ve been away ever. Of course I say that every week and it keeps getting longer, but sometime hopefully soon it will stop and I can go home.

2 thoughts on “Care Plan Meeting

  1. Vickie

    A long time friend of mine had Ortho/knee surgery a few years ago/pre Covid.

    When she was finally discharged to go home, I went and stayed with her for two weeks.

    She tried to do everything herself, as if I was not there, but I was there in case something went horribly wrong.

    So I spent time sitting on the floor outside the bathroom. And I drove her to therapy and doctor’s appts. I picked up carry out. I did laundry (machines were in her basement). We slept with doors open so I could hear her. I moved things so after I left, she was able to do things more easily.

    When I went, I thought I might be there a month+, but after two weeks she was confident.

    My husband was able to fend for himself. My youngest was at college.

    And I really enjoyed staying with her. We watched a lot of TV (Vera) and talked.

    You might know someone who is home/flexible, who might not mind staying with you for a while.

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