Friday therapy wrap up

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That last post was useful but not very entertaining, as one of my friends told me. So I’ll try to do something more interesting to wrap up the week.

There was therapy in two parts, as always – PT in the morning and OT in mid-afternoon to break up my day. We didn’t use the rollator today, but I did a boatload of leg exercises including the dreaded “march in place” both in the chair and using the parallel bar. It actually looks a little like marching when I’m at the bar so I’m taking that as progress even tho in the chair, it looks like just sitting there. I did foot bike in the morning and arm bike in the afternoon, lots of “sit to stand” practice which is always good, and bending and reaching things. Tho I must admit that I really need to know how to do better stretches.

My lower back hurts now, not at the surgical site but I think because I spend so much time sitting without lumbar support. It mostly hurts at the end of the day when I finally can collapse in bed and then have to stay in a log position all night because I can’t roll over. I know, it’s pitiful. I think I also overdid it with the hand weights because my right shoulder and upper back are also sore. Tonight I’m giving thanks for my muscle relaxant and hoping it will kick in soon. On the other hand, the wound in the small of my back is healing rapidly now that I’m on antibiotics.

We had a huge change in our physical environment yesterday and today. My pod has 10 total rooms with 5 on each hall. My hall had been walled off (wood frame with heavy duty plastic attached and taped on both sides) to make a Covid unit back when they had Covid patients who needed to be isolated. It’s been dark and closed off since I got here – and super stinky, like a sewer. But now the wall is down and the hallway is double the size with better lighting and better airflow, plus they apparently found the source of the stink. So it looks better and smells better, but it’s still really loud since my neighbors blare the TV on different channels even when they’re not there. I wonder if I can figure out how to blare “Hamilton” from my room as counterpart. I’m sure I can work it out.

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