I have a discharge date!!

I’m going home! No, not today, but next Friday, October 15th. That gives me time to get stronger, do more walking, and practice things before I go – and time for them to order me a wheelchair and some other DME items that Medicare will pay for if they’re ordered now. A rollator isn’t one of those things – we have to buy them for ourselves – and I’m not ready for one just yet anyway. But I have time to order some other stuff I’ll need such as a walker basket.

Mostly I’m just looking at that light at the end of the by-then-10-week-tunnel and getting ready to dance. I’m going home soon!

4 thoughts on “I have a discharge date!!

  1. Ginny King

    Great! I’m sure that is exciting and scary both at the same time. I am so very glad you are going back to your new apartment rather than that big house. Good luck getting all the ducks in a row.

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