Mind on a hamster wheel

It’s been very hard to concentrate on anything important today. I’m not sleeping well, after weeks of mostly sleeping like the dead, and I wake up with spasms in my right butt where I’ve had problems with SI joint pain for years. Not sure why it’s hitting me these last few days; maybe I had so many other distractions earlier in therapy that that part of the anatomy didn’t really bother me. But it sure as heck is now. I also have pain on the right side of the neck up into the scalp, so I’m going to do as much stretching as I can do before heading to bed.

It’s not helping that my regular evening meds are not coming at consistent times, which makes it harder. I just can’t settle down until the restless leg med has had a chance to work, usually about 2 hours before sleep. When I don’t get anything until 9:20 instead, that just doesn’t work. I’ve talked with the Director of Nursing about this before, but also know that there have been some off the wall problems with a resident having a really bad case of Sundowner’s on top of separation anxiety. And there are staff shortages here. [Update – I just got my night meds at 6:30pm to take when I’m ready; good job, team.]

I’m grateful that I can do almost everything for myself now and am not at the mercy of the call bells that sometimes ring and ring and ring for long stretches before there’s a response. I know my body and what it normally does so can plan accordingly. For example, no more liquids after 6pm or I’ll end up having to get up multiple times to pee, which means lifting legs out of the bed, putting on the gripper socks, transferring to the chair, into the bathroom, and back out to undo all of the above. It’s a whole lot faster to just walk but hey, I can’t do that now.

The little back wound is almost completely dried up by now. They still change the dressing every day but it’s tiny and by the time I go home, it should be completely closed over. The surgical scar which is about 6 inches long (I think, I can’t measure it on my back) healed up quickly and hasn’t given me a bit of trouble, which is one thing to be grateful for. Another is that I had cataract surgery in both eyes back in June and everything was healed and working properly from the time I went to the hospital. No worries about keeping track of glasses, which has helped too. I have enough other things to keep track of and make sure they’re within arms’ reach. I’ll need to figure out how to make that work at home, but at least I have practice doing it.

Thanks for hanging in there with me through these daily rambles.

Image credit: Photo 72753983 © Natali Antoschenko | Dreamstime.com