Last Full Day of Rehab

Today was very much like every other day here, except that I know I’m leaving tomorrow. Yayyy. I was awake and dressed by 6am which I certainly hope not to be doing at home if I can help it. Breakfast was our usual fare of eggs, bacon, toast (for some), cereal (for some), and fruit (for me). I’ve eaten more breakfast eggs in the last 5 weeks than I think I’ve ever eaten in such a short time and am looking forward to fruit and yogurt or fruit and oatmeal.

I walked to PT as usual (175 ft), did standing leg exercises at the parallel bar, then seated leg exercises in the chair, thirty “sit to stand” exercises from chair to walker, followed by 15 minutes on the OmniCycle. I ended up with mat scooting and then transfer practice from chair to mat and back again. When the folks at the Olympic Center first asked me if I could do that, I looked at them as tho they were crazy because, hello, I couldn’t stand up. You can’t do a standing turn/pivot if you can’t stand. But today I could do them and the therapist told me that in outpatient therapy, I’ll be doing more things like that because they’re what I’ll be using in Real Life. Hmmm. Makes me wonder why we didn’t work on them earlier.

After lunch I was back for OT, with 15 more minutes on the Omni Cycle for arms. But then we did something new – side-stepping around the parallel bars twice to practice moving the way I’ll move at the kitchen counter. That wasn’t particularly hard which is a good thing since I won’t be wearing a gait belt or having someone monitor me in the kitchen. The therapist and I talked about how I’ll be moving around my apartment, using the kitchen, etc., to try and identify any problem areas but we think I will be fine. Then I did a few sets of “move the rings from side to side while wearing arm weights” and walked back to my room (175 ft).

I leave rehab for my apartment at noon tomorrow, and it will be busy before that. For one thing, I’m getting a shower and a chance to wash my hair. I need to pack up my stuff which really won’t take that long since everything is already in this room. But I also need to get official discharge papers, hopefully have a discussion about outpatient therapy so I know how that will work, and get my meds from the nursing staff. My brother and sister-in-law will be here about 11:30 to load up my belongings and we’ll head down the hill to home.

I can’t wait.