We Have a New Plan

My biggest problem for the last weeks has been my inability to put my shoes on myself. Since I can’t walk without them, or at least not safely, my walking has really suffered, and I’ve worried about losing hard-won ground. But now there’s a new plan.

Starting next week, my aide Jamie will be coming Monday-Friday from 6:30-8:30am after she finishes a night shift as a sitter for someone in assisted living. It means I’ll be working with her five days a week for 2 hours instead of twice a week for 5 hours. I’ll get more showers and most importantly, shoes on my feet every day. My time will be more free during the mornings to go to exercise classes – sitting Tai Chi and Yoga are tops on my list – and I can practice doing standing leg exercises using the rails in the hallway. Having shorter blocks of time will be easier for me since I’m not used to filling time for someone else, and Jamie will still help with laundry and grocery pick up as well as house projects.

And I’ll get my shoes on.

Image credit: Photo 25575020 / Have Plan © Karenr | Dreamstime.com