Wheelchair woes

I’ve been in a 20″ manual wheelchair for the past three months. It’s a little snug but it’s worked great, and I can manouver it easily in the apartment – though my hands are getting a bit battered by smashing them into doorframes as I learn how to make corners without running over a cat. The closet is the most difficult to manage even with what I have.

Rehab ordered me a chair of my own when I was discharged. It just arrived on Friday, but it’s a 22″ chair, not what I’ve been using. It’s comfortable but it’s WIDE. It barely fits through the doors and I can NOT get into the closet with it. I am not happy.

So this morning I called the provider company which said that yes, they could take back the 22″ chair but couldn’t get me a 20″ chair until March, which is ridiculous. I called another company which also didn’t have the 20″ but thought they could get one in a few weeks.

Dude, you can get these on Amazon to ship this week. I don’t know what the problem is.

So now I’m checking out resources at online suppliers like MedMart and asking my Spinal Cord Injury Facebook group for suggestions where to shop. I’m a bit leary of just shopping at Amazon, though. But I can’t keep the borrowed rehab chair forever and need to get this figured out soon.

For now, my spare room looks like a medical supply closet. I have two wheelchairs here, two regular walkers, one rollator, some canes, and a walking stick. Good thing I have extra space