Today’s Medical Update

I saw my surgeon this morning for my three month post-op follow up. It was a short appointment and to be frank, I’m not completely sure that it was all that helpful. He seemed a bit shocked when I told him I’d spent 9 weeks in residential rehab but was pleased to know that I was home and managing well. I showed him my leg range of motion, which was better than on my last visit, and let him know that I am going to PT three times a week with a focus on isolating and strengthening muscles, specifically with e-stim, which he thought was great. At my request (because it was from the therapists), he wrote a prescription for a custom articulated AFO brace for the right foot to help with foot drop. Of course, I don’t know where to take it and his office was not much help on that. I’m to go back in a few months but to remember that it will take up to a year to see all the results of surgery.

Yeah, yeah, I know that part.

Then this afternoon I went back for therapy and to give them a report on the doctor’s visit. My therapist’s husband works at the Olympic Center and she is going to ask him for suggestions of where I can take that AFO prescription to be filled, since it was his recommendation in the first place that I get one. For the next weeks, I’m to concentrate on walking at home without the left AFO (the one that has been giving me fits) but WITH the right one, using my aide to help me walk in the mornings in our hallways. My legs will be freshest in the morning, and this way I can get in more steps. Today I walked 260 feet with that combination and it felt fine, and was the most I’ve walked at one time in weeks. When I’m at therapy, I’ll leave the AFO at home and we’ll work on building things up without it. I like the idea of doing both.

So there’s progress. Not trying to use the left AFO feels like a real gift since it’s given me such fits. That alone was worth the visits.