Welcome, Home Health

I’m now all set up with Encompass Health for home health care, including weekly RN visits and both PT and OT assessments to happen next week, with a therapy visit schedule to be set after that. Today was my intake visit with lots of paperwork, review of medical background, medication list, vitals, physical check of skin for wounds (I don’t have any but there are some bruises where I ran into things), and even a cognitive test (my words were Banana, Sunrise, and Chair). I have piles of papers to read, but mostly I’m just feeling a bit caught up in something I hadn’t really expected to be doing. All because my friend Louise made a phone call to a relative who works for Encompass and they ran with the request to get me started. Once again, my insurance combo is proving to be the gold standard for coverage.

I can do a lot of things for myself but there’s a lot that I can’t do, or rather, can’t do YET. I need to see which of those I can do myself once I learn how and which I will still need to rely on someone else. Putting on the damned shoe with AFO is one of them. I’m excited to get my assessments next week and see what kinds of goals and plans will come from that for additional progress. I still plan to work with my aide because she’s great and the more help, the better. We’ll coordinate schedules – and at least it will all be here in my home instead of having to arrange transportation to go up to therapy.

Thanks, Louise, for the push to getting me started with this.