Wheelchair Frustration

I’ve been using a wheelchair for almost 5 months. I know how they work, I know the parts, how and when to take off the footrests, how to make tight turns, and how to navigate in tight quarters.

But I really hate the one I have right now. It’s still the loaner from therapy because my own chair was on backorder, which may or may not still be true. The seat is sagging, which is something called “hammocking” which throws the body out of alignment. I bought a thing designed to provide a flat base and a convex bottom that fills in the saggy part which looked like it should fix the problem, but instead I found myself sliding too far forward, running the risk of falling out of the chair more than once.

A worse problem, though, is that the wheel locks aren’t secure anymore. So the chair slides forward and back a bit when I try to stand up – which makes me very insecure about trying to stand up, which is problematic right now anyway because my legs aren’t as strong. It moves less when on carpet, which I have in the bedroom, so it feels safer when I try to get dressed or transfer to the bed, but hard floors (which I have everywhere else) are a problem. The maintenance guy at the rehab center can tighten the locks, but I’m no longer going there for out patient therapy so will need to get scheduled for the fix – and schedule transportation to get me up and back for what should take about 15 minutes.

It’s really hard using the chair when I need to carry something somewhere, like laundry or food, or move into closets to take out storage boxes. You should have seen me today moving the boxes to store Christmas stuff. I kept running into other boxes, door frames, doors, and almost a cat, knocking down coats and a few other things. My feet kept twisting because the rubber soles don’t slide on the carpet and it was hard to move around with any speed. Swearing didn’t help and I really, really missed the ability to just walk around and do things that required a lot more thought this time when every move had to be thought through first.

I miss having feet that cooperate. And I want my own chair.

Calls to make this week:

  • Call BrickStreet for an update on delivery of my wheelchair
  • Call Meadow Lake therapy to get on schedule for repair of wheelchair locks