First Solo Shower

I’m clean! I’m clean! Today I took my first solo shower in five months and it was WONDERFUL! I’d practiced with occupational therapy, figuring out where towels needed to be, and how to manage the actual washing, and standing up. That was a kind of risky part, but it worked and the legs stayed steady. What we hadn’t quite planned was that I would need three towels for this project – one for the wheelchair, one to dry off with, and one to mop up the water that got on the floor. To keep that from happening, I think I need to get a new shower curtain liner, and to rethink where the towels during the shower itself. No reason why they couldn’t get piled into the wheelchair instead of threaded through the grab bar. I’ll try that next time. Maybe tomorrow?

The NuStep is Here!

My very own NuStep arrived yesterday! This is one expensive piece of exercise equipment – I’m pretending I’m going on two trips to Europe to pay for it – but it will be essential in strengthening my legs, which will make it much easier to walk. I used the NuStep in the gym in my “before” life, usually going for 30 minutes at a stretch because it was easy to use and felt so good. I used it again at the Olympic Center (Rehab #1) but Rehab #2 didn’t have one and I missed it so much. Now it’s here in my apartment and there is NO EXCUSE to not get on it twice a day and build up time while watching TV or reading.

Yes, it’s an indulgence. But it’s a smart one for my recovery. My physical therapists at Rehab #2 and now home health are excited and promise it will make a big difference with regular use. I know how to use it but had been a bit concerned about my ability to get on it in the first place. No worries, as long as I make sure I have a leg lifter handy. I need to work out the ideal position for the wheelchair to make the transfer to the seat easier – but since it took two people to get me up on it in Rehab #1, I’m excited that I could get on by myself. Progress!

When I moved here, I deliberately didn’t put a bed in my second bedroom. That space now has a Purpose and also is furnished with a bookcase with a small TV already hooked up to cable, and places for the cats to hang out to keep me company while I’m there. No excuses. It’s time to do this.