The NuStep is Here!

My very own NuStep arrived yesterday! This is one expensive piece of exercise equipment – I’m pretending I’m going on two trips to Europe to pay for it – but it will be essential in strengthening my legs, which will make it much easier to walk. I used the NuStep in the gym in my “before” life, usually going for 30 minutes at a stretch because it was easy to use and felt so good. I used it again at the Olympic Center (Rehab #1) but Rehab #2 didn’t have one and I missed it so much. Now it’s here in my apartment and there is NO EXCUSE to not get on it twice a day and build up time while watching TV or reading.

Yes, it’s an indulgence. But it’s a smart one for my recovery. My physical therapists at Rehab #2 and now home health are excited and promise it will make a big difference with regular use. I know how to use it but had been a bit concerned about my ability to get on it in the first place. No worries, as long as I make sure I have a leg lifter handy. I need to work out the ideal position for the wheelchair to make the transfer to the seat easier – but since it took two people to get me up on it in Rehab #1, I’m excited that I could get on by myself. Progress!

When I moved here, I deliberately didn’t put a bed in my second bedroom. That space now has a Purpose and also is furnished with a bookcase with a small TV already hooked up to cable, and places for the cats to hang out to keep me company while I’m there. No excuses. It’s time to do this.

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