Feeling a Difference

My body is sore this morning in a good way. My back is particularly sore which makes me happy because it means the upper body part of the NuStep workout is working and involving lots more muscles than I remembered. My quads are tight and hip flexors are a bit cranky, but that’s okay – I expected that. And it feels like I’m actually DOING something productive and healthy, because I am.

Yesterday I asked the physical therapist to watch me get on and off the machine to see if she spotted any ways to improve the process, and with only a few small tweaks, I’ve got it figured out. The plan is to work for 25-30 minutes once a day, gradually increasing resistance levels. Once I get that into a routine, I’ll try adding a second session so I’m doing one in the morning and one in the afternoon, starting with 20 minutes each time and building up. But no matter what, just getting on and off the machine is a workout.

So I’m feeling virtuous as well as sore.