Seven Month Post-op Update

Today was my seven month post-up visit with my spine surgeon. I got some answers, some good news, and some, well, sobering news.


  1. I got an order for 6 additional weeks of out patient therapy, three times a week, specifically to use e-stim again. I had that in out patient PT last fall but it’s not available in my home PT. I think stim helped a lot and I’ve noticed that the spasming-tingly feelings are way down. We’ll see if more stim wakes that up a bit.
  2. He believes that the crippling burning pain that I experienced twice is not from a pinched nerve, because those areas of the spine were cleaned out in surgery. They were probably caused by SI joint problems (duh, I knew that). A 4-day tapered dose of Prednisone was appropriate and should be requested from my primary care doctor as soon as I am aware that things are happening again.
  3. I should also make an appointment with my pain management doctor to discuss getting SI joint injections or at least additional pain meds.

Good News:

  1. Knee strength in both legs was good.
  2. He was pleased with the amount of walking I’m able to do.

Sobering News:

I should expect to have a wheelchair for a long time for at least some of my activities. I am not really surprised by this, given how bad my right foot still is at this point. And I’d rather have truth than platitudes.

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