No Foolin’ Updates

Wheelchair: Medicare approved funding for my wheelchair, so they are FINALLY going to order the parts and get it assembled. Best estimate is another 4-6 weeks before it’s ready. I will be very, very glad to see it when it gets here.

Therapy: I had my evaluation for out-patient therapy on Monday with the same person who already evaluated me on Sept. 7th when I got to Meadow Lake and again 6 weeks later when I was discharged. He could really see the difference that the NuStep has made with my leg strength and was pleased with my walking and with increased sensation and range of motion. My hip flexors are super weak which is creating some problems, so we reviewed some bed/mat exercises that can help. I started back with actual therapy yesterday, getting e-stim and doing mat exercises. We’re going to do the stim first each session, since that’s something I can only get there. The other stuff I can do at home if we don’t have time to get it all done.

Sleep: I’m back to sleeping in the bed all night but I’m not sleeping well. There’s nerve burn pain from a pinched nerve on the outside of my left thigh that wakes me up when I’m in certain positions. When I shift to be on my right side, which isn’t easy to do but which does ease the nerve pain, then the right upper arm/shoulder hurt. And then we have Ellie who does kamikaze jumps from the floor onto my tummy for no reason except that she’s a cat. The good part is that I can and do nap in the chair when I need to, but I’d really like to get a solid night’s sleep soon.

Something to Do: I signed up to work with the FamilySearch 1950 Census Project to help review and verify/correct machine generated information for names and households for the just-released 1950 U.S. census. This is the first new census available for genealogical research in 10 years and a goldmine for researchers. For those who don’t know, individual census responses are held for 72 years after the census date. That should keep me and a lot of other people busy, and it’s something I can work on for short or long periods of time around other things like therapy and candy bingo. I have my priorities.

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