Elevator drama

My wheelchair got caught in the elevator on the way back from PT today. The door opening was a little uneven, and the left front castor wheel turned and got stuck between the car door and the floor opening. It lurched me forward a little and I couldn’t move the chair in any direction – and I was afraid I was going to fall out on the floor.

I live in a senior building and no one is particularly strong or muscular, but one of the housekeeping staff got in the elevator with me. Someone else held my hand while another went for help. But by the time maintenance got to me, no more than 10 minutes (I think), another housekeeping staff member lifted the chair and me back into the elevator car and all was well. Scary, but well. My right shoulder is now killing me, the chair is okay, and I’m just shaky.

I had visions of an incident when I worked in Boston, when a wheel from a booktruck came off and fell down the elevator shaft, leaving us with a heavy truck with only three wheels. Would my chair wheel go down the shaft? What would happen to me if I fell?

I’m getting myself a big glass of wine and some chocolate.