Not my best at 2am

I definitely was not thinking straight last night when I got out of bed to use the bathroom. I’ve been doing great with my walking and think I just was over confident, as well as being still half asleep, when I tried to get back into the bed. I use a purple therapy pad after I sit on the edge of the bed to help me scoot back so I can use the leg lifter to haul the legs back up. The pad was already on the floor and I thought I could use my walker to step up on it to get on the bed in the first place. Dumb idea.

The good news is that I didn’t fall. The bad news is that I now have some very sore and achy places on both sides of my lower body from trying not to fall. The right ankle is a little swollen, the right knee is sore, my right shoulder hurts, and my left hip is very tender and is developing a lovely bruise where it hit the wheelchair arm as I madly fell into the chair instead of hitting the floor.

Nothing big on my schedle today but I need to do some stretching and use some ice packs and take a muscle relaxant to help calm things down. No walking until I can trust the sore places to not yell.