And In Today’s Shop from Home Episode

I welcomed a new loveseat and coffee table to my living room recently and love the look. Today I took the plunge and ordered a new lift chair for myself. I know, I know, I just got the one I have in December. But it’s not really right for me; I bought it because I couldn’t sleep in my bed and needed a place to sleep. The dimensions make this better for someone taller – and, let’s be honest, who weighs less than I do.

I wanted something very sturdy made for heavy people with infinity positions that would let me use the chair to comfortably read and watch TV, nap, or sleep. I needed something properly proportioned for my height. And because of the blood clot and concern that another might appear, I wanted to be sure my legs were raised up higher than my current chair allows. I also wanted a chair made by a company that makes lift chairs, not all kinds of furniture with a few lift chairs thrown in on the side.

I found one and ordered it today from The chair is sized for me, has 3 motors, and is made by Golden Technologies, a company that only makes lift chairs and scooters. I splurged and am getting heat and back massage, too, because why not? It will take a while to get here, but it will be worth the wait and is definitely a good investment. Now I have to stop buying things.