Today’s Telehealth Visit Summary

I had a telehealth visit with my primary care provider today (who doesn’t look like this image). In advance of the call, I sent email with lists of things on my mind so she would be aware of them and so we would cover everything in our limited time. Here’s a summary of our conversation so I remember later what was said.

  1. Got meds for a urinary tract infection (UTI). Should clear up within the week.
  2. Got a prescription for Baclofen to help deal with my leg spasms that ripple from knee to toe on the right leg. They’ve done this for months but regular muscle relaxant doesn’t really help because the problem is neurological, not muscular. I found out about it from my Facebook group for spinal cord injury rehab, which has been a great source of information and inspiration.
  3. Shoulder pain associated with nerve tingling in the upper arm is probably caused by overuse with my chair and walker. Got a referral to PT for therapy and ultrasound treatments for the shoulder, which will be expanded to include more PT for my leg. I need help learning to use the rollator walker safely after the arm is better. I’ve been too lax in my upper arm strengthening. As the arm heals, I’m back to using my weight bars and therabands.
  4. She believes my surgeon was too gentle with me about the extent of my limits and what I’m going to be able to get back post-op. It made sense to not hit me hard with bad news last August when I was already going through a hard time, but now that I’m a year out from the surgery, I’ll be talking plainly with the doctor at what will probably be our final visit. Whatever he says, I know I have to keep exercising and walking as much as I can, but a wheelchair is probably in the cards long term. It might be time to consider a power chair but I want to give the rollator a good try first.
  5. Lower back/SI joint pain is being addressed with pain management. I can’t get an injection while I’m on the blood thinner to dissolve the existing blood clot. I’ll see that doctor in 2 weeks.
  6. Advised to stop taking my arthritis med because it is a blood thinner and shouldn’t be combined with Xarelto. The prescribing doctor didn’t tell me this so it’s clear they didn’t look at my current meds list. Why did they ask me to write it all down for them anyway? No anti-inflammatory will mean arthritis pain to deal with. Should be fun, right?