My Body Isn’t Very Happy

I have a sinus infection moving down into my chest. This is normal for me at this time of year, but it’s not pleasant. My head feels like it wants to explode and my chest hurts.

I also have an infected ingrown toenail on the right foot. Nails were last cut by a traveling podiatrist, so you’d think this wouldn’t happen. I’m on an antibiotic, which is also doing double duty for the sinus infection, and waiting for my visit to a stay-put podiatrist to get this fixed. My toes curl under, so the end of the toe presses hard in the shoe when I walk. So I’m not walking right now.

My right knee (see, same side as the toenail) is a bit swollen and very sore. Not sure what’s going on with that but I find myself absently rubbing the knee to make it better. It’s not working, but I’m trying. And taking Tylenol. I can’t take my arthritis meds now that I’m on Xarelto for the blood clot (also same side) so that may be part of it.

My right shoulder/upper arm have been sore for months and were treated in PT with ultrasound and e-stim. They still are sore.

The right ankle (same side, see a pattern?) has been weak since I fell into my chair in the middle of the night to keep from hitting the floor. It’s still weak.

And today I in the kitchen, reached for something above me, and the ankle turned. Naturally. I fell backwards into the chair which is always right behind me when I’m standing, for safety. Now the ankle is sore and so are the unhappy shoulder, right wrist, and both thumbs. I have ice packs.

Basically I’m a mess. Good thing nothing is broken or badly hurt, just sore and achy. I want chocolate. Or ice cream. Or both.


When I stood up after sitting for 90 minutes, I found more sore places, especially my SI joint. On the right side, naturally. Everything else stiffened up. I’m sore from top to bottom – on the right side.