Aches and pains and GI problems

These are not the best of times. No, not for any wheelchair/foot/AFO problems. Because I have a headache, very upset stomach, diarrhea, and a sore/stinging pain in my wrist going up my arm. And my shoulder, too. It’s too many things.

I can’t sleep in the bed tonight. I need to be more vertical in case I need to use the emergency basin. Which means no CPAP because it’s in the other room. I also can’t take the pills I usually take at bedtime because I’m pretty sure I’ll bring them back up in no time. So I’m in my new chair with a robe over my legs and feet to keep them warm, expecting Ellie to jump up and make biscuits and keep my company for a while. The basin and towel are near at hand, along with a bottle of water.

There are multiple Covid cases in our building, including some folks on my hall. I don’t think what I have is Covid but if I still feel like crap on Monday, I may get tested just to be sure. It’s a miracle I’ve gone this long without catching it. I’m double vaxxed and triple boosted which just means I’ll probably have a lighter version of it, not that I won’t get it at all – if in fact that’s what’s going on. It’s probably just a bug.

The wrist thing is more of a problem because I use the hand, arm, and shoulder ALL THE TIME to roll or use the walker. I have a brace/wrap thing on it for support and guess I just need to give it time, ice, and Tylenol.

I want my mommy.

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