Not my eye!

I had two eye doctor visits this week for extra floaters and smeary vision on the right side (of course it’s the right side). It’s been like looking through a dirty windshield. The retina doctor confirmed this morning that I had a retina tear with fluid starting to come out – almost a detachment. Eeeeek! Scary!

He lasered the tear shut, describing it more as riveting in place. Those stinky floaters and “dirt” will take 6-8 weeks to settle, meaning dirty vision from one eye for up to two months. Booo. I go back in two weeks. Right now it feels as though there’s sand in it but my eye drops are helping.

I’m not to exert myself for the next two weeks, no lifting, keeping my head up. He said I should prop my head up with pillows to sleep but think I’ll just stick to the lift chair instead at least for the first few days. It’s amazing how often we look down to do things, including transferring from one chair to another. I’m not quite sure how I’m going to manage cleaning the litterbox and feeding the girls if I can’t look down to the floor. But I’ll figure something out and my neighbors will help.

I had a retina tear in the other eye thirty years ago in Boston (and how on EARTH could it have been 30 years ago? wasn’t that just a year or two ago?) so I shouldn’t be surprised that the other side wanted to have one, too. Add in cataract surgery with a YAG procedure correction and the eyes have been through a lot. But I really need them and will follow orders to keep my vision intact as long as possible.

One thought on “Not my eye!

  1. Ginny King

    Boy you have had amazingly terrible health and body happenings over the last months. Hopefully this is it for awhile. Eye interventions have made great progress over the past few years so here’s to an uneventful resolution and healing. I imagine you are correct that looking down is something we do much more often than we realize so ask for as much help as you need

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