What the heck are these?

Last Thursday my face broke out in red bumps, mostly (but not only) on the left cheekbone area but also around the outside of the eye. As the day went on, the skin got tighter, redder, and a bit warm. A little itchy but not painful. The eye area was a big concern, and the eye lid and area above the eye also got red but didn’t have bumps. Okay, one.

I have rosacea, but it’s never looked like this. I’m not on any new meds, though I did start a new antibiotic for sinus infection AFTER the bumps appeared, so I know they’re not a side-effect. And maybe the antibiotic is helping to shrink them down.

I was afraid, very afraid, that I was getting shingles because otherwise I have no idea what was going on. I had chicken pox 60 years ago and got my shingles vaccine. I sent this photo to my doctor, with updates through the day. Bumps around the eye area was potentially very problematic. I’m already dealing with a retina tear and don’t want any more eye trouble. My Google search didn’t help me any.

The doctor wanted me to come in Friday morning so she could see the bumps in person, but I have to reserve transportation at least 24 hours in advance and I had no way to get there. She didn’t think they looked like shingles, which was a relief, but that you couldn’t really diagnose from a picture. I’ve been keeping an eye on things and though they’re not as bad as they were originally, they’re not gone either.

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