Finally got Covid

I finally got Covid for the first time. Really the mystery has been how I avoided getting it in the past 3 years when everyone else I know has, some more than once. Let’s face it, I’m morbidly obese and have a compromised immune system, two of the risk factors for getting Covid. But I faithfully wore masks and self-isolated for much of the time.

I’ve been feeling crappy with what I believed was an extended sinus infection, and it may have been partly that since I had just finished a round of antibiotics that didn’t quite knock out the facial pain. But last week I was tired, stuffy nose, cough, and those weird bumps on my face, but not much else. I stayed mostly in the apartment for four days before it occurred to me to test for Covid. I suspect that I had it for days before that.

When I did test, I got it wrong and read it as Covid when it really wasn’t. A friend pointed it out to me and I felt like a moron, so I did it again and gave it enough time for the little screen to change. Yeah, it’s two bars for positive, one bar negative. Shows you this was my first time to test. I still feel like a moron.

The only other symptoms I developed was loss of smell and a lessened ability to taste. Staying quiet with the kitties gave me time to rest and sleep and get better, and I tested negative for real this morning, but I’m staying isolated because of the immune system.

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