And now we wait

This morning I had a CT Angiogram Abdomen Pelvis w/Long Leg Runoff w/Contrast, which is a lot of words that mean CT Scan of abdomen and legs using contrast. This is supposed to tell us what’s going on in the upper right thigh with its “pulsilating flow” that it shouldn’t have.

Results just posted on MyChart and I read through them several times. I have no real idea what they mean in regards to the thigh, which was the whole point of the test. I did read that I have diverticulosis of the sigmoid colon, which I already knew, and that the benign spherical mass in the right kidney has grown a bit. A follow up MRI is recommended. Hmmmm.

But no real answers in what I could see to the thigh. I have to wait to hear from the doctor for that. No telling when that will be. And if they messed up somehow and I have to go back to get the venous phase done, which was supposed to be done today, I will be more annoyed. So I don’t know if this was worthwhile at all.

More when I hear back from the doctor.

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