Welcome to my corner of the web. I am a retired university law librarian who moved from New England to Texas in 2015 to live with and care for my elderly father, who has since passed away. I worked part-time as a church secretary for five years, sold my house, and now enjoy finally being retired. I am Mom to two gorgeous orange sister cats who are the loves of my life. I’m a reader, love to sing and do puzzles, enjoy photography, and playing with computers.

I had a spinal cord injury in 2021 and am now in a wheelchair with a goal of being able to walk using a walker when I get stronger. Many of my recent posts have been therapy notes tracking my progress and challenges.

When I started this blog almost twenty years ago, it mostly focused on weight and body issues. An uncomfortably large number of those early posts still apply and I’m still working on being healthy. I’m also a genealogist and write about that, too. I started researching my family in 1970 and have enjoyed building my research skills and knowledge of family over the last 50 years. I feel that I know many of them after years of study and hunting for clues about their lives, and don’t want that knowledge to disappear. So I write about them from time to time.