Back From Vacation

I’m baaaaaack!  For the last 10 days I’ve been on vacation and doing pretty much whatever I wanted – and that did not include writing blog posts.

Vacationing to a destination requires plans, timetables, shopping, packing, travel, cat sitter, thick wallets (or well-used credit cards), getting tired, and usually coming home the day before returning to work – with lots of dirty laundry.

I stayed home for mine, though, and it was perfect.  The days were cooler (except for those two pesky 88 degree days), nights perfect for sleeping with the windows open and a kitty snuggled next to me.  I slept until I woke up almost every day, rediscovering that I really am not meant to wake up at 5:30am if I want to start the day relaxed and calm.

Food went better because I didn’t go out to eat and I rediscovered that my body is happiest when I’m eating at 8 – 11 – 3 – 7 .  Needless to say, I don’t do that on normal days because the times don’t work when I’m in the office and cannot eat at my desk.   I like my food but I’m not particularly excited by it, nor am I anxious to plan and eat meals.  No wonder I’m kind of in a rut with my food, but it’s one of stability and simplicity rather than lack of creativity.

I’d scheduled several sessions this week with my trainer but only ended up making it to two of them, due to her illness and my wicked bad back mid-week.  I did walk every day, though – easier in the cooler weather – and enjoyed doing it mid-day instead of squishing around the edges of a long day at work.

I treated myself to a new flat screen TV.  It’s not mega-giant size but it’s perfect for my space.  One benefit of being off of work was being able to schedule “windows of availability” to have the TV delivered, cable guy come to set up said new TV for HD, and the Geek Squad come on general purposes to make sure everything was hooked up properly and I knew how to use it all now that it’s connected to a single remote.  I know, I’m technologically challenged when it comes to this stuff.

On the other hand, I spent Lab0r Day watching the A&E Hoarders marathon which was great motivation to clean some stuff out.  I got rid of 2 old recliners, a coat tree, clothes, a box of cookbooks, and a box of miscellaneous stuff.  Of course, I also hit some sales and got colder weather clothes since I have nothing to wear from last year.   Makes it easier to weed out stuff for the thrift store.

I also took naps, and treated myself to a 90 min. deep tissue massage and a spa pedicure, and a new set of soft fuzzy sheets.   There was much piddling around to do, resting and vegging out while reading trashy novels, and always a furry cat who needed petting and cuddles.

Vacationing at home:  priceless.

Enjoying a Quiet Weekend

SundayUsually my weekends are full of blowing and going with errands, and the last two weekends I had my parents as company so we had things to see and places to go. Before they came, I was running around like a crazy person making sure everything would be ready for them and doing the usual stuff.

So yesterday was a gift: a gray, rainy day with no obligations or responsibilities, a chance to snuggle into the covers and sleep in a bit, take my time over the Saturday NY Times, sit quietly and read a new book. My spirit needed the recharging and being quiet and lazy while I could – next weekend I’ll be in Chicago.

I did venture out into the wet to go to BJ’s and then Bed Bath and Beyond to find a new vacuum, and thanks to the BBB 20% off coupon, got just what I wanted. But the vacuum is sitting in the middle of the living room waiting for me to finish cleaning which I am totally not inspired to do. I’ll get it done today but yesterday it was just more than I could handle.

I don’t know how people with families do it. Maybe it’s just because I’ve been alone and responsible for myself for most of my life, and I’m spoiled to be able to do whatever I want when I want (except going to work, which is a given). Soon I’ll have a new member of my little family – a nice furry cat – and that will change the dynamics as well as what I leave sitting around to be covered in cat hair.

For today, the rain is over and the sun is out. The Sunday Times is waiting for me. The Red Sox won again last night so I’m a happy camper.  I have things to do today – a day of doing nothing means more to do the next day – but there’s time for that.  This is Me Time.

Day of doing nothing

Sleepy womanI did practically nothing today and it was wonderful. Saturday is the only day I can sleep in and often not get on my usual hamster wheel of activity. Sunday is out because I go to a WW meeting first thing in the morning, which means having to be presentable and getting myself there instead of snuggling into the flannel sheets and just dozing.

Today I slept until I woke up at about 8am, giving me about 9 hours of sleep. Since on an average night I only get 6 1/2 hours and on days like today I get way more, clearly I should be listening to my body and going to bed earlier during the rest of the week. I managed to hop right into the shower, something I always do on work days but sometimes like to dawdle about on weekends – that’s where I wake up.

Breakfast was Kashi Vive cereal with FF milk and a banana. I piddled around in the morning watching several “Clean Sweep” episodes and rereading an old favorite book that I found while I was decluttering a bit. Isn’t it amazing how some books you can read over and over even though you know all the characters and plot turns? I just lounged in the recliner with a bottle of water and the book with sunshine spilling in the windows – and nothing I had to do.

Lunch was a Lean Cuisine meal because I couldn’t handle the idea of another salad. And it was enough. And I finally got my act together to get dressed (yes, I was a lazy bum this morning) and off to the grocery store with my scribbled list.

I really sort of like the grocery store, especially when I have a list so I’m not just guessing what I want and then getting home to discover I’m missing a key ingredient for a new recipe. I’m trying two of them this week and needed to get my stuff. Since I have been very undisciplined about the gym, I walked up and down all the aisles twice to get some exercise – and partly because I had senior moments about where the things were that I was looking for.

Fiber One barsOne part of this trip was a quest to find the new Fiber One Chewy Bars that everyone is raving about. People in my WW meeting have talked about them and Hungry Girl just sent out a rave review this week. She even said the Oats & Chocolate one was better than Snickers! That was hard to believe since, seriously, nothing is better. But you know what? When I had one, I understood. It was chewy and rich tasting and very satisfying and I heartily recommend them. And they are only 2 points each!

I also got lots of veggies, yogurt, tomatoes, potato rolls (yum), some frozen pizzas, fizzy water, and a bunch of different things that should carry me through the next week.  I’m also cleaning out my freezer so I have plenty of protein on hand to work with.  But tomorrow’s dinner is a new (for me) recipe for making rotisserie chicken in the crockpot.  With potatoes.  I’ll try it out and if it works well, I’ll post the recipe tomorrow.

But the rest of the day was also quiet and non-productive but nonetheless restorative.  Sometimes we have to just let the mind and body lay fallow for a day or two to be quiet and heal.  I just know that tomorrow I will have more energy for not having done much today.  There are some major things on the list to do, some of them postponed from today, but I’m not worried.  They’ll get done.

It was a good day.