Medicare Rules

I’ve been going from hospital to rehab to rehab without anyone giving me a bill (yet), though insurance was questioned. I’m grateful to have original Medicare A+B with a medicap supplement, which covers a lot. But they have strict rules and I learned about some of them today.

Although I was told when I left Rehab #1 that Medicare + Insurance would cover up to 100 days at Rehab #2, they didn’t talk about what “up to 100 days” actually meant. Logically enough, it depends on my progress. They won’t pay for more days than they have to, so therapy needs to let me (and them) know when that cut off time could be. Apparently when I got here, the estimated target date for discharge was November 1st. It could be much earlier than that, but hopefully not until I will be safe when I leave.

I have visions of being packed up and sent down the hill to my barely remembered apartment, only to find I can’t get in and out of the bed, or fall down trying to get dressed. I know this isn’t realistic, that they will not kick me out of here until it’s safe for me to be independent, but it just seems as though it’s going to take me longer to get there than Medicare will let me stay, now that I know about this rule. I need to work harder to learn the things I have to learn so I feel confident.

I wish someone had talked to me about this before, say, when I got here. Or that I’d done more research on it myself. I’m not a stupid person and there are always ways to get information if you try. I just have been merrily going along trying to stand up, walk, and get stronger that I never really thought about what came next as happening as soon as it probably will.

Feeling unsettled and wary. No wonder my blood pressure was so high when they just took it.