I can see!

I woke up this morning and could clearly see the room. This sounds so obvious that you may wonder why I am mentioning it. But I’ve been profoundly nearsighted since the age of 9, and have worn glasses or contacts for almost 60 years to correct my vision. Waking up and being able to SEE was never an option without that.

But today I can see, at least out of my right eye, because I’m having cataract surgery with corrective lenses that radically change how I see. The first eye was done last Thursday; the left eye, the really bad one for vision, will be corrected this week.

It’s amazing. I’m so grateful for the technology that makes it possible to see clearly in bright, clear color. And I’m grateful for my brother who came up to take me to my appointments. I think I look weird without the glasses and am noticing the deep circles under my eyes. But I’ll get used to this new face, that I couldn’t see in the mirror just a week ago.