Not my best at 2am

I definitely was not thinking straight last night when I got out of bed to use the bathroom. I’ve been doing great with my walking and think I just was over confident, as well as being still half asleep, when I tried to get back into the bed. I use a purple therapy pad after I sit on the edge of the bed to help me scoot back so I can use the leg lifter to haul the legs back up. The pad was already on the floor and I thought I could use my walker to step up on it to get on the bed in the first place. Dumb idea.

The good news is that I didn’t fall. The bad news is that I now have some very sore and achy places on both sides of my lower body from trying not to fall. The right ankle is a little swollen, the right knee is sore, my right shoulder hurts, and my left hip is very tender and is developing a lovely bruise where it hit the wheelchair arm as I madly fell into the chair instead of hitting the floor.

Nothing big on my schedle today but I need to do some stretching and use some ice packs and take a muscle relaxant to help calm things down. No walking until I can trust the sore places to not yell.

Feeling Fragile Today

Did I mention that I fell again this week? This time it wasn’t my knee or a balance problem. Instead, on a beautiful snowy day (which was really lovely for this transplanted New Englander to have), I drove home and promptly slipped on a puddle of slush and fell with a crash to the garage floor. The very cold, very wet concrete floor. My head jerked, I smacked the left elbow on the golf cart, and hit hard on my right hip. Yup, that side. The same one with the neuropathy in the foot and the torn MCL. Now my whole right side is very stiff and sore and sitting for any length of time, even on a soft cushy pillow, is very uncomfortable. Falling on carpet was a lot easier. Note to self: Work on not falling at all.

So my body is feeling fragile. My ego is, too, because I lost an election to the club/HOA board. I knew going into it that there was at least a 50% chance I wouldn’t win: there were 6 candidates for 3 positions. And honestly, I’m happy that I’m not going to have to deal with actually being on the board for the next three years. But there is still some hurt that I lost, though I’m in excellent company with the other losers. Enough hurt that the last bits of my chocolate stash are gone today. Note to self: Don’t run again. Lesson learned.

And my soul is fragile today as the president was impeached for inciting the insurrection and attack on the Capitol last week. They did so today in what is a crime scene. I am terribly afraid of what is going to happen next. I’m baffled by the many who still believe that the election was unfair just because he said so without any evidence. I’m feeling so lonely here in East Texas, feeling like a lone Maine blueberry in a great big bright red cherry pie. So I watch TV news, knowing I’m watching too much of it but unable to look away. Because I don’t want the world to blow up around me without my understanding why.

A Week or So in the Life

Have you missed me?  I seem to be spending more time living my life and chatting in short little spurts on Twitter and Facebook instead of posting here.  Let’s see if I can catch up.

I’ve been busy with work, learning new responsibilities since on 11/1 my job changes.  My best work friend is retiring at the end of November and her unit and mine are being merged into a single Acquisitions & Continuing Resources department, with me in charge. I’ll miss her like crazy because we’re good friends and I enjoy her company, knowledge, and wisdom.  We’ve been backups for each other these last 3 years and it will be hard to fly solo, but it’s also an opportunity to rethink job responsibilities and descriptions, and workflow.

I’m off to Chicago on Tuesday for a few days visit with my best friend and then a committee meeting over Halloween weekend to select the programs for next year’s annual meeting.  I’m in charge of it all so am feeling a bit stressed that we don’t make any false moves. But we will and it will all be okay. Trust me, though, I’ll be happier next Monday when the decisions are behind us and I’m home again.

Tessi went to the vet on Friday, much to her dismay, to get her claws clipped and have her anal glands checked. She’s had problems there before and I’d noticed she was licking her butt more than usual.  It seems that the glands were fine but she had some hard crystals in there that were irritating. Now she has a small shaved bit and short claws.  So far she hasn’t retaliated by throwing up but I’m sure she’s biding her time.  I’d better warn the cat sitter.

Weight loss has slowed down to a stop and to be quite honest, I don’t really care that much.  Except I do.  I’ve decided that my goal isn’t a point on the scale, it’s being able to fit into size 16 petite pants.  I’m having a terrible time finding pants to fit because I’m really an 18p right now and petite departments usually only go up to a 16.  Sure, I can get some online but I really want to be able to try them on in a store instead of paying for stuff I have to return because it doesn’t fit.

But it doesn’t really matter to me when that happens.  After losing 126 lbs, it’s hard to get excited about another 15-20.  Picking up the exercise pace will obviously help but I’ve been sick for 2 weeks and have been having continuing back problems that my doctor thinks are connected to that heavy apron of excess skin hanging in the front.  My balance is off.  At least the pool workouts are easier on everything than the ones “on land” as my trainer calls them.

Did you know that you can create 8×10 photo collages at Walgreens?  I’m sure you can do it other places, too, but I know it works there.  I uploaded some digital photos to have prints made, and discovered there was an option for photo collage.  You can select up to 20 photos (though I’d definitely recommend no more than 8-9 if you want to actually see them) and the system arranges them for you.  You can shuffle the images, add more, remove some, select the color background and width of the lines separating the photos, etc.  Price is $3.99 each.  I’m not sure if you can create them on the spot; I did this from home and picked up at the store.  They’ll make fun presents for the family and one of them will go into my new office.  Check it out!

Travels to Mystic and Litchfield

Pumpkins on the StairsWe’ve been out and about, playing tourists in different directions on different days. Yesterday we headed east to Mystic Seaport and the wonderful tall ships. One of them had a training crew up in the rigging, pulling in the sails which was wonderful to see. We couldn’t imagine doing that or living on such a vessel, which went sailed for 80 years on whaling expeditions. I think I would have been sick.

It was a great day to be outside, with the air blowing off the harbor and the bright leaves shining like beacons from across the water.

Today was a bit more cloudy but still good for driving. We mapped out a foliage route up to the northwest, driving up to Litchfield and having lunch in a little place on Main Street. We took back roads and enjoyed the bright splashes of color across the hills. I was glad my dad drove so I could just enjoy what I was seeing – but I want to go back to enjoy the wineries.

Tomorrow I’m back to work and water aerobics while my parents take off for a few days with friends they’ve known for almost 50 years and haven’t seen for over 25. I envy that they’ve kept in touch that long and it reminds me to stay in touch with those I’ve known for years.