Rocky Mountain High

This was the view from my plane today as I flew from Denver to San Jose. I found myself looking up from my book and finally just resting my chin on my hand as I looked out in wonder at the beauty of these snow covered peaks. The lower foothills were deep blue-green from the sky, in folds the way beaten egg whites peak (the obligatory food reference).

I had a wonderful time in Colorado on an official work visit to a chapter – doing a presentation, attending a board meeting, and checking out libraries at several universities, firms, and a court. And I walked my feet off. Well, actually, it was the knee that was more bothered than the feet. Except I wore ill-fitting newer shoes that look great if I’m not walking all over in them. I’m back to the pink birks.

One thing I’d forgotten is how green Colorado is. Not just green space and leaves, but ecologically aware. Lots of the people I met regularly take public transportation that’s clean, frequent, and convenient. They recycle everything, use environmentally friendly products, and eat organically grown food. It was great to be part of it, and to spend three nights with new friends who live in a cohousing community, something that was new to me but interesting and comfortable. Read more about it 🙂

Food-wise I didn’t make very wise choices much of the time, especially the travel days (today included). It’s a good thing my “travel somewhere every other week” period is almost over – these days with airport food calling me are almost impossible for me to fight because I don’t want to. I want the comfort food, even though that food just ends up making me sick when I eat too much of it.

Today I had a mid-afternoon lunch in a very cool place that looks like the kind of place where The Fonz and the Happy Days crew would hang out – lots of red vinyl seats, shiny chrome, white floors, and a 50’s menu. I had all sorts of diner things that I’d never eat in another place (the chocolate malt was divine but not worth 14 points; don’t ask me about the onion rings). I thought I’d be fine until I added up the total points and gulped to see that I ate more in that meal than I’m allowed in a whole day. Gulp.

Tomorrow is a play day and I’m spending it with a friend, another Internet pal I’ve known for over 5 years. We’ve never met and are looking forward to some fun. Work starts again on Monday with the next conference. It’s my favorite meeting of all I go to because it’s informal, enormously practical, with immediate application to my daily work. Plus all the cool kids go and get to learn and talk about the newest system applications. We like the toys 🙂

On my walk today I picked up a box of Fiber One Peanut Butter bars (3 pts each) and one of the Hershey’s Sweet & Salty bars (3 pts each) to have for breakfast or snacks during the meeting that will at least add some protein and fiber and help me from making some of the stupid choices that are otherwise likely. Send me some good “think thin” energy!