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Rob is on the Eagles Practice Squad!

Rob Myers practicing with the EaglesThis week was BIG for professional football.  After weeks of summer training camps and four weeks of pre-season games, all NFL teams had to cut their 80-man training roster down to 53 for the football season.

Rob signed with the Eagles at the very end of the training camp period and five days later was playing in the first pre-season game against the New England Patriots, featuring QB Tom Brady’s return after missing almost all of last season.  It was memorable.  He played in all 4 games, had a groin pull, but recovered nicely and played last week at tight end and special teams.

On Tuesday the Eagles cut down from 80 to 75 players, and yesterday they, and all other teams, cut down to 53.  Rob got the call yesterday that he was on waivers, but today was one of 4 players signed to the Eagles practice squad.  There will be 8 on the squad by Monday, I think, but we are excited, proud and relieved that his time as an NFL player will continue.  It’s just awesome.

My parents and I have learned way more than we ever thought we’d care to know about football and know we’ll continue to learn more.  I know that the practice squad, well, practices with the 1st string players as they prepare for the next week’s game.  If anyone gets injured, they can call up a practice guy to play in the game.  Mostly I know this is a real job and Rob is living his dream.  One of his friends from training camp was also signed to the practice squad, and they’re talking about getting an apartment together.  They’re both from Texas and their sisters know each other at college, so we’re practically related.

What this all tells me is that if you have dreams, make them goals, break them down into small steps and take them one by one until you can look back and say, wow, I really did get here. What seemed insurmountable is accomplished one step at a time.

Yayyyyy, Robo!  I’m proud of and excited for you for working your butt off and taking advantage of every opportunity to live your dream.



Out of the Blogging Habit

Buddha on the rocksLife is just chugging along and I’m finding that writing things out just isn’t top on my priority list.  I’m communicating but in different ways, mostly Twitter and Facebook and actual voice and people contact.  Shocking, isn’t it?

Distraction #1 – Football and nephew Rob.  The family is busily sending links back and forth to each other for articles, blog posts, team updates, and even a YouTube video.  Rob is working extraordinarily hard to learn the routes, plays, and patterns that the Eagles use, soaking up as much information he can to earn a place on the regular season roster.   My mom and I have learned tons about football players on a team we’ve never followed, as well as looking at Wikipedia’s diagrams of scrimmage lines to figure out where people actually ARE so we can follow them on screen.

Distraction #2 – I am facilitating a small group working on the Web 2.0 Challenge 2009.  It’s a five-week class organized and presented by the Computing Services Special Interest Section of my national association.  Over 100 people signed up to be participants, with additional facilitators like me + instructors + administrators who did all the course management and set up.  Trust me, it’s a lot of work.

Each week we have two topics to learn about using screencasts, links and examples.  We then discuss what we’ve learned in online chat groups of 7 people, and then there are assignments to be completed.  Facilitators then have 2 days to read and grade assignments and participation, and to add notes for feedback.  Topics have included social networking sites, Twitter, blogs, RSS feeds, social bookmarking, Flickr and now this week, wikis and LibGuides.  My brain is very full.

Distraction #3 – General overload at work with people on vacation just before we run around like crazy people doing last minute ordering for course reserves, and scrambling to meet subscription renewal deadlines for hundreds of titles without hearing from the decision makers because they are on said vacations or getting ready for orientations.

Distraction #4 – My balky left knee that seizes up at the least provocation.

Distraction #5 – Thinking about WLS and wondering what I’ll hear at the group session next week with the surgeons and other surgical candidates.  In the meantime I’ve hit another milestone – I’ve now lost 30 lbs and am almost at my 10% goal.

Distraction #6 – My hair is driving me crazy.  I’m growing it out because it seemed like a good idea at the time, but right now it just looks kind of unkempt.   I need remedial hair help and someone not the hair dresser to tell me how it would work the best.

I really am following your lives via your blogs but mostly through an RSS feed reader (one of the things we had to practice in the Challenge).  It’s convenient but distant since I just read words and don’t see your pages as you created them with images and stuff.  And there are no ways to leave comments.  Hmmmm. I need to rethink the technology 😉

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My Nephew Will Play Pro Ball!

I iz Reddy to Play Nao CoachLast weekend was the NFL Draft, where 32 players worked there way through 7 rounds of selections to tap players to join their professional football teams. I even watched some of it, not that it meant a whole lot since I didn’t know any of the players and the only team I knew anything about was the Patriots.

My nephew, my awesome college football playing nephew, was realistic about his prospects going into the draft.  Because of his injuries, he didn’t expect to be drafted – but thought he had a good chance to be picked as an undrafted free agent.

He was right – and signed with the New York Jets last night, a few hours after the draft ended.  He flies to NY later this week.  Of course, there’s no guarantee that he’ll make the final roster, but he’s taken this whole journey one step at a time and will carry that focus and determination into training camp.

I’m thrilled for him and pinching myself that someone I know – am related to! – will be one of those players I watch on TV.   Way to go, Rob!