My Body Isn’t Very Happy

I have a sinus infection moving down into my chest. This is normal for me at this time of year, but it’s not pleasant. My head feels like it wants to explode and my chest hurts.

I also have an infected ingrown toenail on the right foot. Nails were last cut by a traveling podiatrist, so you’d think this wouldn’t happen. I’m on an antibiotic, which is also doing double duty for the sinus infection, and waiting for my visit to a stay-put podiatrist to get this fixed. My toes curl under, so the end of the toe presses hard in the shoe when I walk. So I’m not walking right now.

My right knee (see, same side as the toenail) is a bit swollen and very sore. Not sure what’s going on with that but I find myself absently rubbing the knee to make it better. It’s not working, but I’m trying. And taking Tylenol. I can’t take my arthritis meds now that I’m on Xarelto for the blood clot (also same side) so that may be part of it.

My right shoulder/upper arm have been sore for months and were treated in PT with ultrasound and e-stim. They still are sore.

The right ankle (same side, see a pattern?) has been weak since I fell into my chair in the middle of the night to keep from hitting the floor. It’s still weak.

And today I in the kitchen, reached for something above me, and the ankle turned. Naturally. I fell backwards into the chair which is always right behind me when I’m standing, for safety. Now the ankle is sore and so are the unhappy shoulder, right wrist, and both thumbs. I have ice packs.

Basically I’m a mess. Good thing nothing is broken or badly hurt, just sore and achy. I want chocolate. Or ice cream. Or both.


When I stood up after sitting for 90 minutes, I found more sore places, especially my SI joint. On the right side, naturally. Everything else stiffened up. I’m sore from top to bottom – on the right side.

Unhappy toes

Sensation below the right knee hasn’t been normal for a long time now. There was nerve damage that hasn’t recovered and probably won’t, at least not anytime soon. When I feel odd things such as pain under the ball of the big toe, I’m told it’s nothing more than nerve damage and not to worry. Oh, and let’s not forget the “sponge-y feet” that sort of squish on the bottom when I walk. Odd but normal for neuropathy.

Now my toes have been acting up. They started curling under a bit in the spring of 2021. That triggered the MRI that finally sent me to a neurosurgeon. My right ankle is still frozen and I can’t flex the foot at the ankle, but I can finally move the toes up and down a little bit. They’re still curling under some and I’ve noticed they’ve been catching on the drain in the bathroom floor which is uncomfortable.

Except my middle two toes are not happy. I can’t feel anything wrong but then, I can’t feel much in the foot anyway. Today when I strapped on the AFO’s and started walking around the apartment with the rollator, those toes started screaming. I don’t know why they hurt but they do. I may need to buy another pair of shoes one half size up to give the toes more room. But I’m pretty sure that my doctor would just repeat that there is nerve damage making it feel this way.

Walking hurts, though, and it’s hard to make myself do much of it when every step hurts.

[Note – the picture is of happier toes when I could still wear my pink Birkenstocks, now alas in my past.]

Not my best at 2am

I definitely was not thinking straight last night when I got out of bed to use the bathroom. I’ve been doing great with my walking and think I just was over confident, as well as being still half asleep, when I tried to get back into the bed. I use a purple therapy pad after I sit on the edge of the bed to help me scoot back so I can use the leg lifter to haul the legs back up. The pad was already on the floor and I thought I could use my walker to step up on it to get on the bed in the first place. Dumb idea.

The good news is that I didn’t fall. The bad news is that I now have some very sore and achy places on both sides of my lower body from trying not to fall. The right ankle is a little swollen, the right knee is sore, my right shoulder hurts, and my left hip is very tender and is developing a lovely bruise where it hit the wheelchair arm as I madly fell into the chair instead of hitting the floor.

Nothing big on my schedle today but I need to do some stretching and use some ice packs and take a muscle relaxant to help calm things down. No walking until I can trust the sore places to not yell.