Random Thoughts of a Disordered Mind

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Mostly Lunch Dates Now

I’ve been booked solid for lunch every day for three weeks. Well, week days anyway, though I did have brunch on Sunday with my friend and catsitter. The other lunches, though, are with work friends and colleagues from the law school and main library. It’s funny learning lots of new things about them after knowing them for 8 years – one started her career in accounting before library school. Another was a professional singer before library school, and his library mentor and good friend of 30 years is someone I went to library school with 40 years ago in Texas. Things come full circle.

View from my new back porch

Above is the view from my Texas back porch, looking out at the golf course. Huge yard, lots of green, which someone else takes care of. It’s very peaceful and open and I’m looking forward to seeing it every day.

I ordered moving announcements from Vistaprint to make it easier to let folks know my new contact information. While I was at it, I also got new genealogy business cards. I still haven’t really thought about a business name or plan but I do need people I meet through genealogy circles to know how to reach me and what my credentials are. New cards are easy and inexpensive to get when I do decide on a name.

There are so many things to do when I get to Texas, getting started things. Car things to do – transfer insurance, inspection, registration, driver’s license. Find a new vet for Tessie. Figure out where to get her food. Investigate Texas medical insurance. Register to vote.

Some I can’t do until my stuff arrives, which could take up to 18 days because it’s such a small load. I want to completely reorganize the kitchen, taking out everything, cleaning the cabinets with wood cleaner and lining the shelves and drawers. Dad doesn’t care as long as he can find the basics, and those won’t be moving. But this will be my kitchen and I need to be completely comfortable working and finding things in it. Doing a little thinking now means final decisions on what I will take.

Doing things is easier than processing what’s happening. I’ll have time for that. For now, it keeps me focused to have lists of tasks with deadlines.



Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

I’m in between trips and scrambling like mad not to fry in our current heat wave.  It was hot in Texas, but somehow it’s worse here which is just not right.  Thank heavens for AC!

The Texas trip was originally supposed to be to attend my nephew’s wedding, but it morphed into a family gathering at my brother’s ranch (140 acres in the middle of nowhere between my parents’ house and my brother’s place in Houston). They have very photogenic cows 🙂

My mom’s sister was there from California, nephew Rob from Massachusetts, and me from Connecticut.  Rob didn’t stay long, heading west to spend the weekend with his brother (the former groom) and friends going to a baseball game and country western concert.  My youngest niece ran a triathlon that weekend (I can’t imagine doing it in that Texas heat!) but my goddaughter (above) came from Lubbock for the weekend.  We celebrated our June/July birthdays together with carrot cake 🙂

Everyone flipped over my new look and I realized while I was there that I’ve almost lost my mother in terms of weight.  She weighs 115 lbs and I’ve lost 110 – which really is a whole person.  Puts things into very clear perspective.

I had a great time but was glad to come home (as was Tessie).  But I’ve been scrambling again because I leave on Friday for my national conference in Denver.  I have several meetings to facilitate so I have agendas and prep to finish, plus catch up on my paid job.

My conference wardrobe was all thought out, including a few dresses that looked good and were cool and comfy.  Except I’ve realized that all of them – ALL of them – are too big. Great problem but a bad time to figure it out, since the stores are starting to stock fall clothing (just after July 4th, go figure) and only have very picked over summer things.  I did get a few tops today that I can wear with black pants that will work.  I’ll find out soon enough.

I found it pretty easy to eat while in Texas.  My mom generously stocked up on some Greek yogurt, berries, chicken, and guacamole, and there were plenty of good options for me at the ranch.  Mostly people were interested in my choices and asked a lot of questions about the band and how it worked.  It was good practice for going out with more people; I’ve been reading menus for Denver and practicing restaurant eating, at least in my mind.  We’ll see how it goes!

I’ll try to check in from Denver but am not at all sure when I’ll have free time to write.  My time is pretty scripted.  But I’ll check in and at least keep up with y’all even if I can’t write until I’m back.  Stay out of trouble!


Watching Ike

When bad weather threatens, I turn to the Weather Channel and poor Jim Cantore who always goes into the thick of blizzards and hurricanes, especially, to track the storm and see what’s happening.  Last night and this morning my attention is on Hurricane Ike, which made landfall last night near Galveston.

My family lives in Texas; my brother is in Houston.  When Hurricane Rita came in 2005, they evacuated along with much of the city, but this time they stayed put. Actually, I believe that was the recommendation from the city.  But I thought it was foolish.  We don’t get advised to leave when a blizzard is coming, but if a hurricane headed anywhere near me and officials told me to leave, I’d probably already be on the road with a loaded car and unhappy cat.

It makes me mad that so many people stayed in Galveston, especially (given the historic catastrophic disaster of the 1900 hurricane and its low-lying sea level).  After the mess of Katrina, seeing what happened to people who stayed behind and either died or needed rescuing amid the wreckage of buildings, why didn’t these Galveston people leave?  Did they think they were immune to the force of the storm?  What part of “If you stay behind and want to be rescued during the storm, we will not be able to respond” did they not understand?

My brother stayed in Houston (and granted, his home isn’t close to the coast and not all that close to water).  Last night they grilled out in the backyard and watched football.  He called me from his truck on the way back from a quick trip to a convenience store (one of the only places open) because he said they needed ice cream.  But really he just wanted to be out and seeing what it was like on the deserted streets.  The bad weather hadn’t hit then.

Now it’s morning and I wonder what his situation is.  Does he have power?  Did windows blow out, or the new roof get ripped off?  Or is he sitting there having his coffee and planning his day?  I hope they’re okay and will wait for the promised phone call to tell me about it.  Assuming the cell phone towers didn’t get blown over and he can still connect.  We’ll see.

UPDATE: Talked to my brother who said it had been a long, loud, nasty night. They have no damage and no flooding where they are, but also no power and very low water pressure.  I gave him info on the storm damage in Galveston and Houston – he had no information. Plans are for them to load up the truck and head up to the ranch with a chainsaw in the back to cut downed trees in the way.  I hope he doesn’t; hurricane force winds are still blowing.  We’ll see.

The parents in Tyler are expecting the eye to go directly over them. When we talked, they said the wind had picked up considerably and the sky was black.  Rain was expected momentarily. Mom is well organized and has clean clothes, plenty of canned food and water.  Told her to charge up the cell phone in case the towers don’t go down when they lose their regular power.