Favorites Meme

This one is making the rounds of my Facebook friends. Adding here because it was kind of fun to do:

* Age backwards: 66
* Favorite Pie: Key Lime
* Italian or Chinese: Thai 
* Pepsi or Coke: Diet Pepsi
* Chocolate or Vanilla ice cream: Vanilla Bean (of those 2)
* How many tattoos: 1 (flying pig)
* Ever hit a deer: no
* Netflix or Hulu: Hulu
* Last text from: Fedex
* Broken bones: Yes
* Surgeries: more than I want to count
* Favorite color: Red

* Favorite scent: Lemon
* Sunrise or Sunset: Sunrise
* Beach or Mountains: Both
* Dogs or cats: Cats
* Early morning person: no, even though I’m up at 5am.
* Summer or Winter: Winter
* Beer or Wine: Wine
* Mild or hot salsa: Mild
* Smooth or crunchy peanut butter: Smooth
* Waffle or pancakes: Belgian waffle (I’m picky)

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