Latest Wheelchair Update

Like everything else in America right now, wheelchairs are backordered. But mine isn’t even at the “ordered but not available yet” stage, apparently. My doctor’s office faxed requested materials to NuMotion on January 21st at the number they specified, which turns out to be in Dallas. No one ever contacted me about it, so I followed up about a week later to be sure that they had received the information. Yes, they had, but it was going to insurance for review before I was assigned to an evaluator. No word after that.

Last week my physical therapist texted his contact at the company asking him to get me an update; no action on that either. Today I did online chat with the company only to be told they never got the original fax and would I please have my doctor refax it to a different number. Which I did, but I wasn’t happy. So then I followed up by phone with the local office and found out that well, yes, they DID get it but the account hadn’t been set up in their system yet because, well, heavy caseload, backlogs, etc. And the person I needed to talk to left at 4:30 although the office hours are posted to 5:00, so they would give her a message. I’m guessing it will be at least two weeks before I would get an evaluation visit, and then it’s at least another 3 months to get a wheelchair.

It would be a hell of a lot easier to order one from Amazon but if there are problems, returning it would be too hard. Wheelchair companies don’t sell direct to patients, so that option is out.

I hate my chair. I hate having to use it, true, but I hate this actual piece of hardware. And I live with the expectation that someone is going to want it returned since I’m no longer a patient of the rehab place that loaned it to be in the first place. In the meantime, I need someone to come and tighten the brakes again so the chair is safe and stable when I try to stand up from it. Work order submitted; just more waiting. Hurry up and wait.

Customer Service improvements are needed in more than one place. Too bad no one has asked me to complete a satisfaction survey.

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